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Curriculum Vitae

Konstantinos A. Alepakos 

Attorney At Law, LL.M,Specific Secretary of the Greek Commercial Lawyers Association  

Konstantinos A. Alepakos is a full member of the Athens Bar Association since 1986 and founder of the Law Firm "Konstantinos A. Alepakos & Associates - Attorneys at Law - Legal Advisors". He is a highly experienced and distinguished attorney committed to offer specialized legal services of superior quality. He has an excellent level of communication with national and international clients establishing long lasting relationships. He provides legal advice and support in the areas of Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Tax, Banking, Intellectual Property, Management, Construction and  Law of Contracts, as well as Civil and Commercial Disputes Management. His long term service  in leading positions of responsibility and management of some of the biggest companies in Greece guarantees the optimal support of his customer goals. 
Member of the Board of Directors and Specific Secretary of the Greek Commercial Lawyers Association, Member of the editing committee of the legal journal "Nomiko Vima", published by the Athens Bar Association and has been member of legislative drafting committees for the preparation and implementation of (EU) Regulation of the European Parliament and laws.He has repeatedly participated as Speaker in Conferences, Scientific Meetings and Seminars on issues of Commerce, Banking, Stock Exchange and Business Law, as member of the Candidates Examination Committee on Commercial Law for entering the Athens Bar Association, as writer of many articles and studies published in prestigious law journals and as author in the collective work for the interpretation of all articles of the Law 2190/1 920 for the "societe anonyme".
He and his legal team systematically provide their legal services in Manufacturing, Exporting, Investment, Trading, Service, Consulting, Insurance, Portofolio Investing, Stock Exchange, Tourism, Media, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.

He practices before the Supreme Court of Greece (Areios Pagos), Council of State as well as before the Court of Justice of European Union.

He has Master Degrees (LL.M) in Civil Law, Civil Procedure,Labour-Employment and Commercial Law and he is Phd Candidate of Athens University in Commercial and Banking Law.

He speaks fluently English and French.

Indication of Membership - Positions

  • Specific Secretary of the «Greek Commercial Lawyers Association» 
  • Member of the «Civil Law Association»
  • Member of Editing Committee of Legal Journal "NOMIKO BHMA"
  • Member of the «Greek Foundation for the Study of Technology and Construction law». 
  • Supervisor of Companies under Liquidation
  • Member of the Board of Directors of "ATTIKO METRO SA" company. (2010-2015)
  • Member of Board of Directors of Hellenic Alumina Industry "ELVA SA" (1986-2012)  

Law Office

Website  www.alepakoslaw.gr  

Psychari 1, Neo Psyhiko,
Τ.Κ. 15451, Attiki, Greece 

Phone +30 210 6754404, Fax +30 210 6754405 

+30 6944 360975